The world of art has been my oyster from my early youth. Through photography I've become a successful story-teller. I am eternally grateful to my mother for passing her passion for arts to me. She was a wonderful watercolor and oil artist. As Miss California, a successful modeling career put me in front of the camera, and took me all over the world.

Composition on film or on digital media is such a delicate balance of so many components, all dressed in the wonder of lights and shadows. Being in front of cameras, I was always aware of the impact of lighting on the photographs we were composing. I learned the amazing confluence of lights and shadows, how both fell on my face and body, and surroundings. That knowledge and experience has been in my conscious all these years since. Finally, I found the outlet for their use.

I found my new love behind the camera, and it became an extension of myself. It is how I express what my mind’s eye comprehends. In 2006, I went back to school to learn the components of the camera. That proved to be a significant undertaking, well beyond what I imagined. Thankfully, hard work and perseverance have never been daunting to me. I have found a new direction in life, a genuine and satisfying passion. I struck out to gain much knowledge and with that, expand on my experience and whatever talent I have been blessed with.

I now strive to tell a vivid story in every photograph I take. I want you to see those stories in their intimate detail. I hope that you see and feel the emotion that I have captured. If you do, even in a small measure, I have succeeded. With my gratitude…


JD Gallery 2006-2011
Venice Beach & Hollywood, CA

Semi Precious Stone Gallery 2011
Brentwood, CA


Steve McCurry/Workshop/Chiang Mai, Thailand - 2012

Street Shooting New York - 2012

Mary Ellen Mark/Workshop/Oaxaca, Mexico - 2012

Julia Dean School of Photography/Hollywood/Street Shooting - 2012

Cuba - 2011

Shelby Lee Adams/Workshop /Venice, CA - 2011

Argentina/Uruguay/Workshop/ Julia Dean - 2010

Steve McCurry /Workshop/ Rajasthan/ India - 2009

Douglas Kirkland/Workshop/ Venice Beach, CA - 2008

Peru/Workshop/ Julia Dean - 2008

Morocco/Workshop/Julia Dean - 2007

Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos/ Workshop/Julia Dean - 2007

Bali - 2007

Steve McCurry/ Workshop/New York City, New York - 2007

West Virginia/Appalachia/ Julia Dean - 2006

Viet Nam/ Workshop/ Julia Dean - 2006